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21Dec 2013
End Of Lease Cleaning Services Making Your Move Easier
End Of Lease Cleaning Services Making Your Move Easier

You will likely find that within your tenancy agreement there is a clause stipulating that you need to have your property professionally cleaned before you leave the place. This is naturally so that you end up leaving the place as you supposedly found it. Whilst some properties lay empty and gather dust for a while, you will no doubt understand that you should be moving into a perfectly clean house, and whether you have had that experience or not, it is important that you contribute to the next tenant’s pleasant move. While being a good person is one thing, you will likely be more concerned by the fact that your landlord can take part of your deposit off you! This can be pretty expensive if it happens, you should take steps to ensure that it doesn’t happen, by putting a little investment into a professional domestic cleaning service. With regards to ensuring that your house is left looking spotless, you will no doubt find that this is the best option by far, as cleaning things yourself may seem pretty easy at first, but is actually likely to be extremely time consuming and a lot of effort. There is always the risk that doing the domestic cleaning yourself will only result in you having worked extremely hard to get it all done, but not having done enough in your landlord’s eyes, and having to pay for a cleaner anyway! This is a bit of an insult to injury, so why not avoid it? A decent cleaning service can supply carpet cleaning, house cleaning, upholstery cleaning, all sorts of different jobs can be solved by one company with one team, so why risk it?

A good cleaning team will only usually take half a day or so to get the place sorted and ready for the next tenants, but if you were to leave it to yourselves, then it is likely that with trying to fit it around all of the other things that you need to get done for the move, you will have to take ages, and no one wants that! With the amount of time that you can save on cleaning by hiring a professional domestic cleaner, you would likely make up the cost of the job by simply having more time to get things done and get on with your life!

The best part of using a professional domestic cleaning service is that you can always be assured that they will clean things in a way that ensures that they are left safe and sound. You will no doubt find that a cleaning service’s abilities in mixed fields like carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning will mean that they have a serious advantage in terms of knowing what chemical cleaners to use on which materials, so that nothing gets damaged. Delicate fabrics like silk curtains, woolen cushion covers and satin sofas need to be treated in special ways, just as antique carpets and rugs need to be treated similarly. In the event that you decide to do the cleaning yourself, how will you avoid putting a cleaning product on a material that will not take it well? You don’t want to end up with marks on expensive upholstery that you can’t get rid of! In the event that you are trying to get a flat clean for the end of your tenancy, you may even damage the furnishings that are the property of the landlord, which can result in a massive bill at the end of your tenancy, which would be terrible!

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