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Customer reviews
     Awesome service! The guy achieved an outstanding clean on our carpet. Very efficient and professional. We will definitely consider this service again.
Laura S.09/07/2024
     I'm thankful for the superior cleaner you offered.
Nathaniel K.20/06/2024
      house cleaning delivered service that was extremely good.
Shane P.10/06/2024
     I have been thoroughly satisfied with my house cleaners london cleaner's service.
Tina Chapman22/05/2024
     We went through my requirements thoroughly and established the time frame for completion.
Cory Barnes29/04/2024
     I am so impressed by how professional my cleaner was, she truly went above and beyond. She worked tirelessly from the moment she arrived until completion, thank you!
Samuel W.16/04/2024
     This cleaning service truly impressed me with their excellent work! The staff was so hardworking and well-mannered while at my home this morning. They went above and beyond, delivering outstanding customer service that has earned my loyalty. I recommended them to my neighbor and will definitely hire them again in the future.
Deborah Green30/03/2024
     This company has secured a spot in my heart with their outstanding service. My initial engagement with them was just yesterday and it was nothing short of exceptional. The team was extremely kind and impressively qualified.
     It was refreshing to have experienced such top-notch service from the efficient cleaner who handled our carpet issues with professionalism and efficiency.
Jenny G.01/03/2024
     And let's not forget about their fair prices as well!
Edward H.14/02/2024
     From start to finish, house cleaners london has proven themselves as the go-to choice for competitive prices and thorough cleaning solutions.
Alvin Page04/02/2024
     I couldn't have asked for a better experience with such a seamless service for my end of tenancy clean and carpet cleaning requirements.
     Dependable when it comes to schedules, equipped with assurance and proficiency.Simply radiated warmth and friendliness.Proved to be expert listeners, aiding us in recognizing our necessities.
Mark Price 15/01/2024
     After one visit from cleaning house london, we're convinced that their carpet cleaning service is second to none. The cleaner they provided was superb - kind, speedy, and did a fantastic job on our home.
     When my carpets needed to be thoroughly cleaned, house cleaners london was the obvious answer! They demonstrated exceptional professionalism when dealing with this delicate issue, and the end result is more than satisfying. It's clear that these highly skilled professionals knew exactly what they were doing when taking on this task.
     Utterly impressed with cleaning house cleaners. Their spring cleaning service was nothing short of superb - arriving early and leaving no trace of mess behind. Definitely recommend this great team!
Alicia Smith23/02/2023
     cleaning house cleaners did a great end of tenancy cleaning job last Tuesday. I called them literally at the last moment, but they were very responsive and helpful during the whole process. The customer service guy managed to find a time slot at such short notice. The cleaning team arrived on time and took on the job right away. I couldn't be more pleased with these guys.
Grace 21/07/2016
     I recently changed jobs and my schedule has been so erratic that I find myself having breakfast at 3 am. I have barely any time to do anything when I come home and cleaning was totally out of the question. Finding cleaning house cleaners was a blessing in disguise. I would never look back and they have made my life so much easier. I cannot thank them enough.
     My restaurant has recently been renovated and I was looking for someone to clear up the mess from the construction work as well as give it a general deep clean. One of my employees suggested cleaning house cleaners and I am so glad that I tried them out. They took 7 hours to clean my restaurant, which is a fairly large one, and by the end of the day, I was very impressed with what they had done. The carpets were as fresh as new, the walls were scrubbed and the table tops polished. They had even removed most of the stubborn stains as well! Kudos guys, brilliant job done!
     When I planned to move to my new home I didn't even think about my end of tenancy clean, leaving me in a tight spot when it was time to leave the property! I was really lucky to hire cleaning house cleaners, and they worked really hard and quickly to get the property looking as good as new. I don't know what I would have done without them! Thank you!
Steve E.29/01/2015
     When you're impressed with the efforts of a company, I think it's only right that you let people know. Good word of mouth is important and is so much more satisfying to give out than a negative review. cleaning house cleaners have recently been excellent in every capacity, helping me with a lot of the cleaning around the home. Even the kids have remarked on the difference they've made. So, if you're looking around for a bit of help with the house cleaning, there's online one company who I would recommend calling.
Gina Matthews07/01/2015
     I wanted a reliable and trustworthy cleaning team to clean my office and workshop. I hired a local cleaning company who I had noticed in the area called cleaning house cleaners. They were great and did a fantastic job. I wanted a cleaning service three times a week so that it always looked clean. I have been very happy with the consistent service; the cleaners are prompt and thorough. The worked is done in a couple of hours and the place looks amazing when they have finished.
Clyde Brady24/11/2014
     My company needed a good cleaning agency to come and give the place an hour's clean though we didn't want to spend too much of our budget on it. We found cleaning house cleaners who offer the best of both worlds - they are a very capable cleaning company who offer a high quality cleaning service for a very good price and the cleaners work flexible hours which means we can call them in after we've left at 5pm. They work very hard and they show a lot of initiative by doing jobs that need to be done every so often without prompting from any of us.
     I called up cleaning house cleaners about a month ago, to get them to come over and clean my carpets. There were some stains that have been on there since the beginning of my tenancy, and I honestly thought that they would never come out. How wrong I was though, after my cleaner had been, it looked like I'd had new carpets installed whilst I was out! I can't get over the difference it has made, not only to me, but for my friends too, they can't stop commenting on what a great job had been done, I suppose I better share my secret now then!
Luis T.04/09/2014
     I never have to worry about having surprise guests ever again, and it's all thanks to the good folks at cleaning house cleaners. On the subject of cleaning companies, let's just say I had my doubts at first. I didn't think they'd make much of a difference, and so on and so forth. But after I've seen what they can do, I'm one hundred percent sold on them. They tackled all of the spots I had trouble with; limescale, carpet stains, dirty tiles... they're all as good as new now. This cleaning company is the best, and I have no trouble recommending them to everyone else.
Mike Evans21/08/2014
     I decided it was time to employ a professional cleaning company to clean my shop and office. I could spare any of my staff as we were just too busy, so I decided to call a cleaning company I had noticed in the area. cleaning house cleaners were easy to deal with and sent a member of staff for a consultation. We discussed my needs and I was given the rate, which I thought was fair. I made an appointment for an initial spring clean service to get everything back in order of which was done to a high standard and now I have a regular weekly appointment of a general tidy up. Great work and thanks.
Miss Brooker24/07/2014
     This is a really good window cleaning service. I hired cleaning house cleaners to clean the windows of my shop and they've done really well. The cleaners arrived on time and worked really hard and efficiently. Everyone was very polite and professional and the job got done really quickly too, which I definitely appreciated. I've tried other window cleaning companies in the past but this one is my favourite because of how good a job they do. My windows look great and they're free from smudges and stains which is always a good thing. Thanks very much for the hard work and great results.
     I wanted my workplace cleaning as it was getting untidy and I didn't have any spare time to deal with it. I was passed on the number of a cleaning company to deal with it. cleaning house cleaners did a great job. From my first contact with the office staff I was advised on services and prices. A date was sorted and I was then going to see how it went, and possible continue from there whether to have a weekly clean up. All I can say is the cleaning service I received was first class and the results were wonderful. I will certainly continue to use the services of this great company.
Sally Wright12/06/2014
     I was fed up of finding enough time to catch up with my housework after a long week at work. I have a large family, who are in and out all of the day. So a friend told me about a company she uses on a regular basis. I called cleaning house cleaners and arranged a home cleaning service to give them a trial. The cleaning ladies turned up on time and we went over what I wanted doing, and they got to work. They did a great job and took good care with my belongings. The house looked brilliant when they had finished. It was so sparkling clean and tidy.
Sara Jones26/05/2014
     Knowing full well that there are many cleaning companies out there, I am pretty convinced that I am on to a winner with the people that I use. They are called cleaning house cleaners and I am really happy with how much easier and less stressful they make my life. In all honesty, there is a huge amount to be said for having a cleaning service who are on your side, and who give you a decent clean for such a good rate, so get in touch with them to hear as to whether they can do for you what they did for me!
Scott Smith14/05/2014
     A massive thank you to all at cleaning house cleaners for helping out after our wedding last week! The event space was a mess of party poppers and dropped cake, but they made an incredible job of getting the place looking like new again! I will never forget how special that day was, and the cleaning team were on hand to ensure that nothing could possibly spoil it, at least as far as mess goes! Many thanks once again for an incredible job, I will certainly be getting in touch about working together in the future!
Bryant Logan29/04/2014
     When I called in the cleaners from cleaning house cleaners to clean my flat as I was particularly busy at the time, they did an absolutely fantastic job. I was a little embarrassed to host them because things weren't quite as clean as I would've liked and I felt guilty about leaving them too much work to do. I have to say that the place was gleaming when I returned, I have never seen the place look so good and I am usually fairly clean! This is an absolute steal for the price that they charge and a really great service.
Tim B.08/04/2014
     I didn't realise how quickly I could come to depend on my cleaning services, but I think that just goes to show what a great job cleaning house cleaners have been doing in my home. We've been looking for the right solution for ages, and it finally came to us when we asked a friend how they kept their home so clean and now we know. There really is no secret, they are just excellent at what they do and it makes a big difference. So much so, that within weeks, I could no longer imagine life without their help.
Joyce Washington19/03/2014
     If you are like me and you struggle to get the house work done in any efficient way, then you may want to do as I have and look into getting cleaning house cleaners round for a trial shift. I found that the cleaners that they sent were extremely hard working and very thorough in their ability, which made for an excellent clean! Given their level of experience and skill, I really didn't need more than two hours before the place looked great, so it worked out to be pretty cheap as well!
Donna W.05/03/2014
     I was suspicious of cleaning house cleaners's claim that they could complete my end of tenancy cleaning with short notice. I really needed a reliable company that could provide a thorough clean to my apartment as I was moving out. I needed to guarantee that my deposit would be returned. cleaning house cleaners truly performed well and lived up to the superb service they claimed. I couldn't have asked for a better team of end of tenancy cleaners. They were dedicated, hard working and the service was affordable. They came at a convenient time for me and I got all of my return deposit back. What a great service, couldn't recommend them more!
Cecelia Mills18/02/2014
     I am a working single mum so as you can imagine, I don't get a lot of free time. What with little Jenni and my full-time job I just can't ever find the time to keep my flat organised and clean. My best friend recommended cleaning house cleaners, and I begrudgingly gave them a call, feeling like I was somehow accepting defeat and fretting as to whether I could afford it. I don't know where I would be without my weekly clean now. I can go to work, pick up Jenni on the way home and come back to a nice tidy flat. It just doesn't get old, and it is surprisingly affordable.
Katy Cressingdon30/01/2014
     I don't have any bad thing to say about cleaning house cleaners! I wanted an affordable and reliable cleaner to come and give me a helping hand once in a while and, following the recommendations of a friend, I gave the company a call. The lady I spoke to over the phone was really kind and considerate and she really paid attention to my needs. She found me a fantastic cleaner who I really trust. She always does a brilliant job and my house always looks like some sort of show home after she's gone! This is such a great service!
     I can't believe I was so hesitant to hire professional cleaners! I thought they were going to be expensive and I'd heard about so many cleaning companies who do shoddy jobs. I called cleaning house cleaners on the recommendation of a friend and I only wish I'd chosen to call sooner. My house is on the large side, and I could never get around to cleaning it all - now somebody does it for me and they do it a lot better than I could! My cleaner even gets into those hard-to-reach places that are easy to forget about. I love how I never have to clean up around my house - what an amazing service!
Lily Cameron17/12/2013
     My wife is an amazing and incredibly house proud lady, so when she told me she had to work away throughout the week I had to find a way to ensure she did not come home to a bomb site every weekend. I did this by enlisting the help of cleaning house cleaners, and boy did they save my bacon over the course of that year. My wife eventually realised that I must have been getting help because she knows I am just not that good at cleaning. She was however grateful because cleaning house cleaners really did do a superb job in her absence.
H. Wallington05/12/2013
     I am delighted with how well my recent spring clean went with cleaning house cleaners. They are fantastic and I was blown away by how easily they tackled a years worth of hidden dust and dirt in my house! I clean regularly, but the spring cleaning has always been a bit of a bore, so I thought I'd get a little help in! I don't regret it in the slightest, as they more than made up for the cost in hard work and great cleaning skill. I will be using them again, perhaps even more regularly!
Hope D.25/11/2013
     I hope that all reading this will understand that I am not well positioned to make comments on cleaners as a general set of tradespeople. I do know however, that I have only used one cleaner, and that is because they are so excellent at what they do, that I have never felt the need to get another company involved. Prompt and hardworking, they are great to have around, and easy to talk to. I feel that trust is important with people who you leave in your house, and I can certainly trust these guys. I recommend them to all!
G. Sorrell15/11/2013
     Balancing kids and pets and a messy husband can be a tricky thing for a working mum, but luckily I've got cleaning house cleaners on my side. The kids are growing up, but they're not quite to the stage where I can put them to work cleaning the house, so until then, I'm more than happy to keep cleaning house cleaners around. They provide such a great service at really reasonable prices, surprised that everyone doesn't hire them. Might see if I can start sending my children there on weekends to get them trained up. These guys are the masters of cleaning.
G. Keating05/11/2013
     Hi, just needed to come by and say what a great job cleaning house cleaners have been doing. I was turned on to them by a good friend of mine and they've just been really consistently great. The house has never been tidier, the employees I meet are fantastically polite and the prices are so, so good. cleaning house cleaners are now the first name on my lips when people ask me what's going on in my life. Is that sad? Maybe, but I really just can't thank these guys enough. Great service and long may it continue. Thanks again.
     I had become sort of a joke amongst my friends because of the state my house was in. It was a tip but soon I grew fed up of all this and wanted to make my home a place I could be proud of, but I couldn't do this alone. I sleeked the help of cleaning house cleaners because I knew they could handle everything for me. Within a few days, the house looked better than ever, so much so, I barely recognised it. Once my friends saw the great job they did for me, the joke was on them.
Jillian Matthews07/10/2013
     Keeping my home clean has been a task I had been failing at. I had started to struggle with keeping things tidy as I live a very busy life. I called cleaning house cleaners, hoping they could put me on the right track but they did much more than that. Their staff now commits themselves to keeping my home pleasant and I don't have to lift a finger. They had the experience and know how to do everything properly and so I can enjoy a lovely home without the work thanks to their hard work and support.
     I want to express my gratitude to london house cleanrs for the work they have done for me. I was expecting relatives and my home was far too messy to accommodate them so I needed results fast. I called them and they did the job perfectly within a day. My home looks clean and my family were impressed with my house. It could have been a disastrous but the hard work of london house cleanrs ensured I was read for my guest so I can't thank them enough.
Kevin Singh16/09/2013
     Thanking people has never been my strong suit but I couldn't deny house cleaners the praise they deserve. I have been struggling with keeping my cleaning for quite some time so to have them come in and eliminate it as if it was nothing was impressive. Their staff knew their stuff and worked many hours until the job was done. Each one was friendly and accommodated my needs. Their phone staff were also excellent, as they answered my questions and helped me get the best deal with their free quote. Thanks again.
Daniel W.05/09/2013