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17Sep 2013
How to Keep your Living Room Clean
How to Keep your Living Room Clean

Keeping your living room clean and clutter-free can be difficult if you’re the head of a busy household. It’s not always easy to find the time to get your living room looking as good as you feel it should, so if you struggle with this on a regular basis then have a look at this list of handy hints, tips and tricks so you can keep your living room clean.
-    Storage.
If your living room always looks messy and cluttered you might want to consider purchasing a new type of storage system. Floating shelves are a great option to make a little extra room in your living area – they take up no floor space and very little space on your wall. Alternatively you might want to try purchasing a small bookcase or perhaps upgrading your television stand to one that includes cupboards or drawers. Cardboard or plastic storage boxes are another great option to keep your living room in order, so have a look and see if you can find any in designs that will match your decor.
-    Involving your family.
Your living room is a shared area, so if you live with your family you should make sure it isn’t just your responsibility to keep the living room tidy! Encourage young children to put away anything they bring to the area, like toys, books and games to keep the environment free from mess. You should also try giving older children weekly living room chores, such as dusting, vacuuming or general tidying. This is a great way to give your child some responsibility and get an extra pair of helping hands when it comes to cleaning and tidying!
-    Make a living room cleaning routine.
Devising a cleaning routine for your living room will ensure the necessary jobs – like vacuuming – always get done, and the occasional jobs – like steam cleaning your sofa – aren’t forgotten about. A cleaning routine will help you and your family keep on top of all the jobs that need doing in your home, so it’s a fantastic place to start if you struggle to find the time to clean with your busy schedule.
-    Purchase new appliances.
Portable vacuum cleaners are a great purchase for your living room. They’re compact, easy to store and quick to use, so if you have to deal with on-the-spot mess it can be cleared in a matter of seconds. This is much more appealing than dragging out your heavy vacuum, so if you find yourself reluctant to deal with mess as it occurs, try thinking of appliances that you can purchase to make your life easier.
-    Get into the habit of immediate clean-up.
One of the best ways to keep your living room clean is to deal with mess and dirt as soon as is possible. You’re more likely to be able to remove stains from your sofas, carpets and curtains if you act immediately, so this is definitely something you should get into the habit of doing.
-    Putting things away.
Keep your living room as clutter-free as possible by returning all items to their home before you go to bed. This won’t only help to keep your living room tidy, but it will also make finding those television remotes a lot simpler and faster if you know exactly where everything is.