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03Apr 2014
Simple Steps To Cleaning Your Living Room
Simple Steps To Cleaning Your Living RoomIt is nice to have an order in which you do things, and this always contributes to getting things done in a much more efficient way overall. You will no doubt find that cleaning in this way means that you can simply hurry through a list of steps and find yourself at the end of them with a nice and clean area, without any fuss whatsoever! The more often that you can repeat these steps, the more likely it is that you are able to memorize them and make them part of your every day habits. You will soon find that the cleaning and tidying is not so much a thing that you have to set aside time to do, but rather a continual process of things that you can just get on with. There is a lot to be said for making your own series of steps, but a rough guide that deals with the order in which things might be done can be useful, so have a look over the following carefully.For a start, you want to do the tidying first. Ensuring that everything is in its right place will mean that the place immediately looks better, breathing positive air in to the process as a whole. You will no doubt want to ensure that you can keep this positive mental attitude all the way through the process, so keep smiling! Move everything that should not be in the room into the right rooms, and replace everything that is out. Be careful with books or magazines that have been left open, as they will likely be needed again soon! You can start then with the dusting, and be sure to get it done in the right order. You should begin with the upper parts of the room and work downwards, as the other way round may well encourage dust to fall on to surfaces that you have already cleaned. Use a feather duster on a long handle for the higher places in the room, and use a simple cloth duster for the surfaces. Once you have dusted, you can polish the areas that need it, from wood surfaces to door handles and shiny ornaments. Make sure that you give these parts due attention, as it is easy to neglect them, and it is there little details that can make things look so much nicer over all. Next, remove the cushions from the sofa and armchairs and beat them, so that the dust and dirt falls from them on to the floor. Take a vacuum cleaner and have a go at the undersides of the cushions, as well as the nooks and crannies that the sofa folds make, where everything in your pockets seems to fall! After this, you should have sorted pretty much the whole room other than the floor, so vacuum the floor well, ensuring that you get all that dust that was beaten off of the sofa! Vacuuming is essential whether you have carpet or hard flooring, as it will get rid of the loose debris on both. Having vacuumed, you can mop hard flooring with a well wrung, non-scratching mop, to ensure that nothing can mark the beautiful floor! If you have a wooden floor, it might be nice to give it a polish or a buff after you have mopped it, to really make sure that the room looks it’s best!

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