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27Jun 2014
How To Get Your Upholstered Furniture Looking As Good As New
How To Get Your Upholstered Furniture Looking As Good As NewIt’s easy for the upholstery in your home to lose its lustre and become dull-looking, worn or stained over time – after all, your upholstered furniture probably sees a lot of action! Whether you want to revitalise your old sofa or if you need to breathe a little more life into your upholstered chairs, here are some tips to help you get your upholstered furniture looking as good as new!1)    Invest in the right products.If you want your upholstery to look its absolute best then it’s important that you use the right products and equipment. Steam cleaners are a fantastically easy way for you to give your upholstery the thorough clean that it needs without the effort, and you can even rent steam cleaning equipment if you’re on a budget! Lots of people depend on chemical cleaning products for their upholstery, but you can remove stains and make your upholstery appear cleaner by using a homemade cleaning solution! Mix together 1 part water and 1 part washing up liquid and you’ll have an upholstery-friendly cleaner that’s ideal for all different types of upholstery! You might also want to purchase an upholstery brush which is ideal to lift dirt and keep your upholstery looking fantastically clean. 2)    Understanding fabric cleaning.Fabric cleaning can be difficult to get your head around if you don’t really know what you’re doing. Before using any products on your upholstery you should check the composition of the fabric and find out whether or not the products that you have are going to be suitable for the job. Some chemical products can be too harsh on certain fabrics, leading to discolouration, while other products simply might not work on the upholstery you have. Take the time to research your fabrics before attempting any cleaning so that you can avoid making mistakes that could permanently damage your upholstered furniture! 3)    General upholstery cleaning.You should regularly clean your upholstery. Start by using an upholstery brush that will lift dirt and remove lint and other nasty bits from the fabric. Once this is done, thoroughly vacuum the piece to ensure there’s no dust or dirt particles left behind. Remove any cushions or seat pads that you might have so that you can do a thorough and proper job. Next take a cleansing product that’s suitable for the fabric. Follow the instructions and never use the product liberally – a little goes a long way when it comes to upholstery cleaning! 4)    Removing stains.Take care when removing stains from your upholstery. Always use lukewarm water to blot and dab at stains whilst using a cleaning agent, as boiling water can cause stains to set or worsen. Never scrub or rub at stains as this can also make them worse – gentle blotting is the best way to lift stains without causing any damage. Lifting stains can be a long process, but don’t rush as you’ll be likely to make the situation worse! 5)    Hiring professional help.You might benefit from hiring professional upholstery cleaners if you’re struggling with tough stains or if you really want to give your upholstered furniture a new lease of life. Ask around for recommendations or have a look online to find local companies that offer upholstery cleaning services. Make sure to read reviews and comments from customers so that you can find a trustworthy and reputable company.

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