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12Mar 2014
How To Clean Your Home On A Budget
How To Clean Your Home On A Budget

Keeping your home clean can be expensive, even if you don’t have to pay for professional help! Cleaning products are becoming more and more expensive, and lots of people are finding it difficult to find the products that they need at prices that they can afford. If you’re on a budget and you’re looking for alternative ways to clean your home, or alternative places to find cheap cleaning products, then why not take a look at this helpful and handy guide?

1)    Make your own antibacterial sprays!

One of the most common household products that you’ll find in any house is a multi-purpose antibacterial spray. These can be used for a wide range of purposes, which means that they get used up pretty quickly! If you want to save money on cleaning products then why not make your own antibacterial sprays? Simply get a plastic spray bottle and mix together white vinegar and water. Pour the liquid into the bottle for a quick and effective antibacterial spray that isn’t going to break the bank! If you’re looking for something to replace your scented sprays then why not replace the white vinegar with lemon juice? The acidity of lemons makes it the perfect cleanser for use in your home!

2)    Blocked drains? No problem!

Blocked drains in your home can be costly to deal with, but did you know that you can make your own at home? Use bicarbonate of soda mixed with white vinegar to create a foamy lather. Pour this down your blocked drain to get rid of any unpleasantness!

3)    Clean your windows effectively and affordably.

Use white vinegar and water in place of your window and glass cleaners. Take thin paper and scrunch it up, spritz with the vinegar and water and gently buff at your glass with small circular motions. This is an excellent way to remove smudges and dirt, and you’ll find yourself with impeccably clean glass all over your home!

4)    Shop around for the best prices.

Don’t just look in your local supermarket to find cleaning products. Most of the cleaning products that can be found here are big brands, which could be much more expensive than others! Have a look in discount stores and budget shops to find cleaning products and cleaning tools that can get your home into shape. You don’t necessarily need to pay huge amounts for the clean home that you and your family deserve!

5)    Bulk-buy cleaning products at lower prices!

There are some cleaning products that you need to buy again and again. When you come across great deals on washing powders, washing up liquids, bleach or sponges then make sure that you stock up! Not only will this ensure you always have the cleaning products that you need in your cleaning cupboard, but it will also mean that you’re saving money in the long run!

6)    Re-use your cleaning tools.

You don’t necessarily need to throw away your wash cloths and sponges after they’ve been used. They might seem inexpensive to replace, but the costs can add up! Try soaking your sponges and cloths in bleach and thoroughly rinsing them to ensure that they’re as clean as new. This can help you to save lots of money and will make sure that your cleaning equipment is as clean as possible!

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