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10Sep 2014
How To Clean The Office Before A Tenancy Ends
How To Clean The Office Before A Tenancy EndsIf a lease comes to an end a business wants to move from a current office to a new property, there may be some requirements from a landlord to ensure that the property is left in a suitable condition. Moving offices can be very stressful for businesses without the added stress of upset landlords who are not happy with the way things have been left so it’s always better to do what you can to avoid this situation occurring in the first place.Depending on how long your business has rented the office space and how well it’s been kept will depend on how big the job of cleaning entails. If cleaners were part of your business and they came in regularly or even daily, chances are there may not be much work to do at the end. However if this has not been the case you may have a much bigger task on your hands, especially when you are faced with the full extent which becomes more apparent once the office furniture is removed. Empty offices look worse that working ones!Once the office space is cleared you may be faced with a few hidden surprises, probably things that have gone unnoticed whilst the office was up and running. Large stained areas on the floor could have been hidden by desks; holes in the walls may have been covered up by things on the walls etc. To really assess the damage, assessing an empty space rather than a full one is the way to go. If you are undecided as to whether or not you should hire cleaners at the end of a lease, it may be better that you decide once the office furniture is removed so that you get a better understanding of the extent of work you are faced with. You could be lucky and see that the whole areas needs a little wipe around, vacuum, polish and tidy, again this will probably depend on how well the business took care of cleaning duties within the office.Many landlords take care of damages due to wear and tear but it things have not been reported prior to the end of lease, it may be hard trying to convince a landlord that damaged areas have been there for quite some time. By maintaining good relationships with property owners and reporting damage as and when it occurs will probably save time and hassle at the end of a lease because if something has not been fixed, but was reported at least you have that proof to fall back on.Hire help, save time, money and stress! When a business is moving location, it’s probably going to be the most stressful time for that business. Packing, sorting, organising and moving as well as trying to keep the business running is not going to be easy. To save time, money and stress it’s probably better to hire professional end of tenancy cleaners to come in and give the whole office a spruce up, once everything is moved out. Agency cleaners can bring new life to any old grubby carpets and flooring and refresh the place up within a short space of time. The cost of this service is not going to break the bank and with many cleaning contractors around now, they are very competitive so you should get a good deal. By taking the effort to do this could even save you a few pounds because if a landlord is not happy with the way a property is left they are within their rights to withhold any deposit to pay for putting it right and you do not want to fall short.

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