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04Nov 2014
Dos and Don'ts for Tenancy Cleaning
Dos and Don'ts for Tenancy CleaningWhen handing back your rented property to the landlord or agency, it is vital that you leave the property in a clean condition. One of the most complained about factors in relation to not getting the deposit back is due to tenants not cleaning the apartment or house before giving it back. To avoid losing your bond, it is worth investing some time and effort to ensure that the property is clean and returned the way it was when you moved in. Whether you decide to clean the property yourself or hire a professional cleaner, here are some Dos and Don’ts when it comes to tenancy cleaning.Dos-    Do check what is in your contract and double check with the agency that you rented the property from. There may be a clause that specifically states that cleaning must be done by a cleaning agency, which could be your responsibility to search for one. It is important to check this to save time cleaning it yourself when really what is required is something else. This could also jeopardise the return of your deposit. If it is the case of hiring a professional cleaner, then check for reputable cleaners in your area and compare prices. You can ask the agency too as they will have good contacts to people in the field and can recommend someone that can clean the rented property at a reasonable price.-    If you clean the property yourself, do make sure that the cleaning is done close to the day that you move out. This ensures that it stays clean before giving it back. Try to do the major cleaning a couple of days before so that the hard tasks are already done. It is advisable to leave aside some time on the day of the move to do the last spot of cleaning such as a quick dust or quickly whip the hoover around the floor. -    Do make a checklist of all the cleaning that needs to be done to ensure nothing gets left out. As you finish each task, tick it off the list so you keep track of what has been done and what still needs doing.-    Do buy all the correct cleaning products before you start cleaning. It is time-consuming having to stop a task to go out and get more products to finish the job. Make a list of everything you need then add to it the next day before going to buy the itemsDon’ts-    Don’t leave all the cleaning until the last day! This cause stress, time delays and could result in a shoddy job. Bad cleaning from a last-minute clean up could also be the end of your deposit. Make sure you plan ahead to avoid this by scheduling a day for cleaning the property, either where you do it or scheduling a professional cleaner for that day.-    Don’t forget to take photos! By taking photos of the property just before you leave, you have evidence for any disputes that could come up in the future. Make sure you take them with a mobile phone or digital camera to ensure that the date of the photo is marked on the image.-    Don’t think that a quick clean is sufficient. It won’t be. The agency will have worked with many properties before and can easily identify a good job from a bad one. Don’t think that by sweeping mess under the bed or covering up marks with a picture will be an easy option out. It most likely will be seen and could mean that you will lose you deposit and receive bad references for future rentals.

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